Easy Hygge Tips For Autumn

Autumn has arrived here in New Zealand. The foliage is starting to change its color, and the temperature is starting to drop - not too much, but it’s definitely not summer anymore. While I mostly dislike gloomy days, there are easy ways to bring in some cosiness into our home. In comes hygge (pronounced as … Continue reading Easy Hygge Tips For Autumn

Does Working From Home Burn You Out? (And How To Deal With It)

When I was still working at the office everyday, I always wished there was an option to work from home. I loved the thought of being able to multitask and get a head start on the week’s chores. For example, I could already load the laundry and the dishwasher during office hours. Also, since I … Continue reading Does Working From Home Burn You Out? (And How To Deal With It)

Ways To Avoid Toxic Productivity

While there’s definitely nothing wrong with being productive (I am all for it, actually), but if you obsess about it and it starts affecting your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as your relationships, then it becomes unhealthy and toxic. Toxic productivity is that feeling that if you don’t accomplish something, then you’re a … Continue reading Ways To Avoid Toxic Productivity

Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

I was taking a look at our vision board and I suddenly thought, “Hmm.. we haven’t ticked anything off this year.” Of course, I felt a little bad afterwards. Thoughts like “what have you been doing?” came up. So yes, if my life was a TV series, it would be showing filler episodes right now … Continue reading Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

Struggling With Slow Living

Lately, I have been having some mild anxiety. There are so many things on my mind - both work-wise and personal (although working for more than a year on a “death march” project is definitely taking its toll). I always feel like I have to rush to get things done, and that a lot of … Continue reading Struggling With Slow Living