Having An Emergency Fund Has Kept My Peace Of Mind

I was recently made redundant at work. It’s not uncommon nowadays, with unemployment rates rising all over the world due to Covid-19. Of course, it initially caused me to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but that’s also mainly because I am dealing with other stuff aside from (actually, bigger than) work.

Staying Productive When Working From Home

A lot of us have been experiencing new ways of working in the past months due to lockdown restrictions. Working from home has replaced our daily commute, our face-to-face meetings, and how managers manage their team. You can basically work in your jammies all day. However, working in this new environment poses some challenges as … Continue reading Staying Productive When Working From Home

Tips To Start Loving Mondays

If you work Mondays to Fridays (or maybe even the weekend), you most probably have been hit by Monday blues on several occasions, if not every week. A study shows that people are most unhappy at 11:17AM on Mondays, so nope, you’re not alone. Even if this is the case, there can still be some … Continue reading Tips To Start Loving Mondays

Are You A T-Shaped Person?

No, it’s not a kind of body type or shape. Being T-shaped is something that describes a person’s breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. The horizontal stroke shows his range of disciplines, knowledge, and skills, while the vertical stroke shows the depth of knowledge. A T-shaped person has broad skills and experience across several … Continue reading Are You A T-Shaped Person?

Have I Been Doing The Work-Life Balance Thing Wrong?

I have always been an advocate of work-life balance. I leave the office on time, and when I do, I really leave my work there. I don’t think about business analysis or business agility outside of the office, and I've always said that there's more to life than work. But have I got it all … Continue reading Have I Been Doing The Work-Life Balance Thing Wrong?